Benton Falls – guilt beats hate (CD)

This CD shows off the much more chaotic aspect of emo music, and we could not have found a better band to show us this than benton falls. Intense burst of emotion force the listeners’ attention to be immediately directed to the CD itself, regardless of whatever the listener might be doing. I would say to literally drop whatever one is doing and plant themselves on a comfy chair or something and properly let this album wash over them.

“The Race to Die” is probably the standout track on this disc, but the designation doesn’t really do the album itself much justice, as every single track is that much above what major labels are putting on the radio and music television today. When one thinks that benton falls is going to completely go pop, especially like the opening guitar riffs in the track “angel on hiatus”, they bust out into uber-emo mode, flattening any thoughts of that nature with pure emotion.

By all means, this is what I would have to deem as totally representative of what emo should be in the beginning of this, 2003. If you want to get a copy of this album, I would have to say pick up a copy of this album from deep elm themselves.

Rating : 8.8/10.

Benton Falls – guilt beats hate

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