Berman – Send Me To The End (CD)

The power which Berman starts off “Send Me To The End” is something that has not been heard since the days that Slash and Slayer ruled the earth. Of course, I had to pick two acts that are still present in the music scene, but it is true that there was a period in which they were the unquestioned rulers of their domain. Berman starts off their disc hard and quick, with a blend of punk and new-rock that is built on the foundations of classic metal. “Everything” starts off with shrill guitars that are not completely distinct from the style that was present during “Send Me To The End”, and a style of new-rock that is much more along the lines of what acts like 10 Years and Disturbed have put down on disc in the last few years.

The production of this disc means that Berman can easily make it onto any rock radio station that they would like; “Everything” pushes the envelope in the sense that there are double harmonies present on the track – the back and forth of the chorus is something that is not too terribly new, but done in a way that fills up the track nicely without necessarily making it muddy. “Why Am I Still Here” continues the high-energy assault of “Send Me To The End”, but lightens their sound enough to bring the band into an almost-Foo Fighters type groove.

This ability to float around the different styles of pop rock is something that Berman should exploit fully to make a name for themselves on the national stage. Unlike no talent hacks like Ditchwater, Berman can create their own style in a sound that has been done to death. This means that individuals that like this format of music can find something to gnaw on, while individuals that may not be the biggest fans can find something, however small and fleeting, that they like about Berman. Berman has been around for five years, and the time spent together is shown on this disc. Berman is a well-oiled machine, one in which the desires and wants of each member of the band are given proper time and consideration. Here’s to hoping that Berman can provide a blueprint to all of the bands trying to get on their feet, and perhaps the dominant paradigm of rock will change from a monolithic type of sound to something more responsive and full-bodied.

Top Tracks: Send Me To The End, The End of Me

Rating: 6.8/10


Berman – Send Me To The End / 2006 Random Gong / 10 Tracks / / Reviewed 05 July 2006

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