Bible of the Devil – The Diabolic Procession (CD)

The style of metal that Bible of the Devil play is not what would seem to be probably when one looks at the front cover of the CD. Bible of the Devil starts the disc strong, by including two tracks that added together are well less than six minutes. This has the effect of giving listeners a good idea of the range of styles that Bible of the Devil can play, as well as keeping the tempo at a quick speed. A track like “Orphans of Doom” go and use high amounts of repetition, but Bible of the Devil’s guitars are smart enough to stick with the same sound only long enough to hit their listeners over the head and not to mire them with rote repetition.

After the band properly introduces themselves, Bible of the Devil can go forward and really extend their runtimes. This means that the band can explore more fully the Judas Priest meets Megadeth style that ultimately comes to bear during the majority of tracks on “The Diabolic Procession”. The fact that Bible of the Devil can throw in hints of seventies rock during songs like “Millenialism” further increases their stock in my eyes. What is one of Bible of the Devil’s strongest suits on this album is the fact that the band can create something that is incredibly pop-oriented while still appealing to those into the most brutal of tracks. The band is in the classic metal mold on this album, and the fact that they do not just mimic other acts on the market will mean that this album will fly off the shelves.

Where most of the songs on “The Diabolic Procession” do not change up the time signatures that have been firmly established in music, a song like “The Elusive Miracle” allow the band to throw their listeners a number of curveballs, making it virtually impossible for anyone to accurately forecast where Bible of the Devil will go next. I am just unsure where Bible of the Devil will go next; this album has so accurately captured all the nuance of the genre that the band has chosen (classic metal) that to do another style for their next album would only lead to disappointment. However, if the band even slips slightly on their next album, the same situation can result. Here’s to hoping that the band can find some way to build on “The Diabolic Procession”.

Top Tracks: Millenialism, Heinous Corpus

Rating: 7.2/10

Bible of the Devil – The Diabolic Procession / 2006 Cruz Del Sur / 9 Tracks / / Reviewed13 October 2006


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