Big City Dreams – Honest (CD)

“Honesty” starts off with “I’m Your Density…I Mean Your Destiny”, a track that will elicit emotions left and right. This is not the bold step forward that a number of emo bands tend to start off their discs with, but rather a much more sedate and nuanced style that will ease individuals into the sound that is Big City Dreams.

This is emo done with more than a twinge of the styles of individuals like John Maher and Dave Matthews, a way to show that Big City Dreams will be the soundtrack for the summer. This is not the schmaltz of acts like Simple Plan, but something in the same vein of style as Amber Pacific. The band does not just hit listeners over the head with the same extra style for three and a half minutes, but includes a second set of vocals that takes Big City Dreams to a whole new level.

This same general feeling is continued for “Death of an Insurance Salesman”, a track that mixes the plinking of a piano with a melodramatic set of vocals. The production of the track allows for Big City Dreams to add another distinct sound to their style, throwing a bass line into the mix and making the band even more impressive than they were at the beginning of the disc. Each of the tracks on “Honest” are ready for the radio, but are actually strong enough to stand on their own. Big City Dreams needs to make it big in the next year or so; I would have to suggest that a label like The Militia Group or Drive-Thru looks at them. Big City Dreams changes the tempo and momentum of the disc with “Can’t Catch Halley’s Comet”; the carefully-constructed approach of the band is not rendered useless by this change in style. There may only be five tracks on this album, but “Honest” is an album that individuals need to pick this up. I would have to say that the band is on the same path as the aforementioned Amber Pacific; there is no limit to the amount of times that individuals can spin this disc. I have no doubt that individuals will hear much more from the band in the near future. Look at The Spotlight, Big City Dreams may just be the best up and coming emo act on the market.

Top Track: Miracle

Rating: 8.6/10


Big City Dreams – Honest / 2006 Self / 5 Tracks / / Reviewed 25 April 2006

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