Blinded Black – Under The Sunrise (CD)

“Death Is Never Permitted” has a moment of uncertainty present before Blinded Black start. While they come forth a very hard-hitting pop-punk meets emo and rock sound, this bit of confusion showed that the band is human. “Death Is Never Permanent” is a typical emo track, but does throw in something a little bit new. This time, Blinded Black place a synthesizer into the mix that hearkens back to all of the eighties metal. So while Blinded Black are singing about losing love and all of that, the synthesizer present on some of the tracks on “Under The Sunrise” make is seem as if they will be singing about an epic journey by a Conan-like character.

Still, the band does little to distinguish themselves during the early section of this CD, “Under The Sunrise” (the track) is more of the same. While the song may be energetic and slightly catchy, it does not provide much in the way of new material for individuals listening to the album to digest. The synthesizer has been dropped and a hardcore set of vocals have been introduced, but at the end of the track, what contribution has Blinded Black honestly given? “Set In Stone” provides listeners with another track that sounds like “Death Is Never Permanent”. While the band takes a lot of their influence from bands like Yellowcard and does not seem to break free of a general sound much during “Under The Sunrise”, there is something positive to say about the act.

That is, Blinded Black is very confident in the style that they provide for listeners on this album. A downfall to this approach would be that the band does not break free of this style much at all during “Under The Sunrise”, but this does not mean that the band can’t provide their listeners at least one interesting track on this album. “Can You Hear Me Now” is this track, with Blinded Black going and adding the synthesizer back into the mix. The style of the track is similar to other Blinded Black songs, but there seems to be a catchiness present during this track that the other tracks tend to pass over. Blinded Black is a band that has ability but struggles throughout the entirety of “Under The Sunrise” to create a sound for themselves. Keep an ear to the ground with this band, but maybe save your money until their next album.

Top Tracks: A Perfect Murder, Can You Hear Me Now

Rating: 4.7/10

Blinded Black – Under The Sunrise / 2007 Sidecho / 11 Tracks / / / Reviewed 25 January 2007


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