Desillusion – Blasphaesthetic EP (CD)

Desillusion is an act that is attempting to bring a shine and luster back to the industrial movement. The EP’s first track, “Discontinued” links a dark ambience with a simply intense brand of metal, calling forth a sound that, while unique, touches upon the works of Marilyn Manson, NIN, and KMFDM. Where most industrial bands do not throw themselves into the presentation side of their music, Desillusion ensures that the music that they put forth on this EP is clear and crisp, making for tracks that could conceivably cross over to rock rotation stations.

“Don’t Waste Your Time” has a slower, slinkier sound to present that links together the aforementioned influences with a MSI type of sound, all while pushing forth Desillusion’s unique take on the industrial genre. Of particular note during this track has to be the sequencing present: what comes forth is a rich musical tapestry that gives the vocals something to work with. “SMS” continues the Middle Eastern flair that has been present at points during the earlier part of the EP, and presents something that struggles with the vocals for dominance.

This struggle ensures that both constituent parts of the band are making the best possible music they can, and turns “SMS” into an epic track in which Desillusion weaves a rich narrative. “Gods of Men” is the most brooding, emotional intense track for Desillusion on their “Blasphaesthetic” EP, and shows that the band is concerned more with the creation of an EP that is solid rather than merely trying to ride the success of a single. There is not a weak track to be had during “Blasphaesthetic” EP, and the honest energy that the band brings to each song here ensures that the album will be in my player for months to come. If you like hard rock, industrial, or even metal, make it a point to search out and purchase the “Blasphaesthetic” EP, seeing Desillusion if they make it to a tour date anywhere around you.

Top Tracks: Don’t Waste Your Time, Naughty

Rating: 8.5/10

Desillusion – Blasphaesthetic EP / 2009 Self / 8 Tracks /

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2 thoughts on “Desillusion – Blasphaesthetic EP (CD)”

  1. What EP did you review? The copy I was given, and the one that band has been handing out, has this for a track listing:

    1. Blasphaesthetic
    2. Discontinued
    3. Deperation
    4. SMS
    5. Don’t Waste Your Time

    On iTunes, there’s a previous release called “Blasphaesthetic” that contains “Gods of Men”, “Naughty”, “Over and Undone (Again)”,
    “Poppet” and a remix of “Naughty” by Steve White of KMFDM. The only reason I question this is because I would like my hands on that particular EP. Granted, I already have the other tracks as I’m a friend of the band but I feel short-handed if my copy is 5 tracks and the one reviewed is 8.

  2. I should also note that “Discontinued” and “SMS” are also part of the track listing for the other iTunes release.

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