Docomodake DS (Nintendo DS)

When I was doing research for this title, I stumbled upon the fact that Papa Docomodake is actually a Japanese cell phone mascot, making Docomodake DS into a game on the same wavelength as a Yo! Noid or McKids. However, unlike the aforementioned titles, Docomodake is a funplaying puzzle type of game that will please fans of side-scroller and puzzle titles alike.

The price point of the title ($20) ensures that players will not be out much if they purchase the game and do not like it, but the chances of that happening are tremendously low. This is due to the fact that the title plays a bit like Lemmings; players have to make it to the end of the stage (with the stated goal of finding all of Papa Docomodake’s family and making it to a get-together in a timely fashion) only using a small array of different tools and skills. The “mini” (miniature representation of Docomodake) fits well this Lemmings link, as they provide the elder Docomodake with the ability to throw them, build them into walkways, and the like. While the game is limited by the amount of levels that are present (40 at last count), players will be able to take quite a few hours in the completion of every iteration of game play that Ignition throws their way.

The use of the stylus here is solid, while the graphics seem to be at a level comparable with a Super Mario World rather than some of the border-pushing efforts that are currently being released for the console. Small complaints aside, the mental twists and turns that Docomodake provides players are well worth the low price that Ignition has placed the title. I must admit, I was not familiar with the story or the characters present when I first played the game, but these small mushroom creatures have grown on me. If you like puzzler games and are aged any bit older than about 6 or 7, make it a point to purchase Docomodake DS. The replay value is surprisingly high, the price low, and the graphic fun even if a little on the dated side.

Rating: 8.2/10

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