Javelina reveals album details for upcoming record

Philadelphia’s Javelina (pronounced “ha-va-‘lE-na”) are preparing their sophomore release for Translation Loss Records and will hit Chicago this March to spend a week with Sanford Parker at Volume Studios (Pelican, Rwake, Nachtmystium, Minsk) and will be mastered by Mick Mullin at Super 8 Studios (Intronaut, Mastodon, Fight Amp). The band will be recording nine original tunes for their Translation Loss follow up to 2008’s self-titled release along with a Buzzv*en cover that will be featured on a upcoming tribute record. Some song titles include… “You’re Going to Hate This”, “Towers of Silence”, “The Black Blizzard” and “Stepchild”.

Expect a late summer – early fall release on both cd/vinyl formats and check in at www.myspace.com/javelinaphiladelphia for show/tour dates and music.

What folks have said about Javelina’s self titled debut:

“Pick any song in here and prepare to get torn up and bloodied. Just like you were chewin’ on cactus” 9 out of 10 – Decibel Magazine

“Bottom heavy, hands locked in the power chord position, drums being hit like they owe the mob money, all swamp-like and sculpted into calamitous anthems. Catchy, thrashy, old school songwriting smarts (think Kill ‘Em All) and burly rock ‘n’ roll (think Tragedy or The Holy Mountain) to keep their meaty groove firmly ensconced in your memory banks” – Metal Maniacs

“It’s almost as if Buzzov*en drowned in a vat of Jack Daniels, were resuscitated by Satan and went back to their instruments without a change of clothes. Wait, didn’t they do that anyway? The ghosts of drug-addled Black Sabbath and Venom smile up from the deepest pit of Hell.” – Exclaim Magazine

“Strong riffs, a dual vocal attack, a thick bass with plenty of huge chops, a generally mid-paced to up tempo structure with some great variation within songs, some sludge laden stoner navel contemplation, and even a few fleeting moments of melody are all present in spades on the debut. All of these disparate elements are seamlessly woven together to produce an excellent debut album that speaks volumes of the potential of Javelina. Highly recommended.” – Live4Metal.com


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