NeuFutur Magazine Introduces Lea

Lea-The name is casual, simple, yet elegant, and classy like the girl it represents.

Her music and lyrics are a reflection of her soul and the feelings she wants to convey. Always serene, Lea found that expressing herself musically has become an important part of her life. It is her passion, and began at the young age of 6 when she began studying classical piano. Through her life, she has been exposed to the Brazilian culture her mother grew up in, and the Portuguese musician her father influenced in her. Living in Los Angeles influenced her Hip Hop nature which is apparent in her music.

Lea’s love of music became evident, as she loved to sing,and make up songs at the early age of 4. Her turning point came at the age of 14 when she asked her mother to buy her a keyboard. The purchase would be made under the condition that Lea would put a band together. Excitedly, she went out, and joined a local top 40 band called “Reaction”. They played in several showcases, andevents, including Washington High school ’s annual “Star Search”, where most of the band members attended. Performing in the showcase were students at the time, Yolanda Wittaker, now known as “Yo Yo”, and Michael Angelo Saulsberry (From Portrait), Ice Cube, Jinx and Johnny J. These series of events embedded her love of music that she will never be able to shake. In 1988, Lea’s seriousness in music propelled her to pursue music as a producer. She began purchasing studio equipment.

She formed a company and signed a Publishing deal with EMI publishing in 1991. She produced and co-produced several compositions including songs for Adina Howard, Yo Yo and TuPac just to name a few. Once the term was complete, Lea began developing her own music for release and has since produced several soundtracks and sports promos for major television networks.

Her musical style is a combination of her Brazilian roots, which incorporates African rhythms and folk music, Classical instruction, and her hometown upbringing of R&B and Hip Hop. She mixes these sounds to create original music to set new trends in music. Although she loves to create new sounds, she admires the sounds of Joe, Loose Ends, and Patrice Rushen among others.

She hopes to one day establish a conglomerate of Clothing Gear, Comics, Food, Music, and nightclubs. She has the drive and passion to get her to the top..which is not far from her reach. Her goal is to take each day positively, with the intention to one day set a goal for all young girls: that they can do it too.


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