Introduces Funk Renegade

Funk Renegade has landed!! Fresh from his recent galaxian tour rockin’ the cosmic Dredd-locks and Mohawks. The album “ILL Schizophrenic” with the debut single: “We got dat FUNK (Crunk Funk) is now on sale at online stores world-wide: LALA, EMUSIC, ITUNES, AMAZON, GROUPIE TUNES, NAPSTER, SHOCKHOUND and more! You can now download CD or just your favorite track.

Funk Renegade covers world topics such as; Religion, Race, Conspiracy etc.. while dropping the funkiest tracks in music today. His sound ranges from Funkadelician guitar & Bootzilla bass to Syth laden Spoken Word. The diversity of songs on the ILL Schizophrenic CD is generating airplay across the country on Rock, Pop, R&B and Hip-Hop Stations nationwide!! Most definitely a music force to be reckoned with in the very near future; Funk Renegade is here to stay. Is YoUR miND fReE??

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