Introduces J Rebel

J Rebel, a.k.a. Sean Fazilat (Fah-zee-lat), has had a passion for hip-hop music since he was 10 years old. One of his favorite songs were “Yeah” by Usher. Being influenced by how other people loved and played famous musician’s music and hits, he had decided, at the age of 13, to start climbing the ladder of success and hopefully hit the top, someday having people playing his hits.

During the beginning of Freshman year, J Rebel (at the time, named J Major), had started off with the passion of mixing music. He loved mixing acapellas of other songs with other instrumentals. One of his biggest influences were Mobb Deep and their 1995 album “The Infamous”. Using Adobe Audition 2.0, he had many remixes. J Rebel had, however, always had a passion of created his own things, being creative, etc. He had listened to many great beats, and decided to take on a passion of creating beats himself. He started off with the FL Studio 7 Free Trial version, playing around with the software, making new beats, etc.

Although his beats weren’t so good, he knew he needed more practice if he was to become a better music producer. As he kept producing, he eventually became better at it, but had developed another passion. Rapping. J Rebel began writing lyrics, unprofessional but progressing, to his newly beats he had made. He had 1 major worry that held him back, however. He didn’t like how his voice sounded, and was concerned on how he would sound. He had been worrying so much about this that it had almost crushed his dreams. His fans and homies told him his music was dope, yet he hadn’t believed in himself. But staying strong, he picked himself up again and went back to writing lyrics. He also had another problem and that was his shyness. He was worried about people and what they would say or react or if they had criticized his music. He was under so much worrying, that eventually, he just thought to himself “Fuck, why do I care what they say? I’m doing my thing, and I don’t what anybody says!” Being rebellious and having strong determination and confidence brought him higher on the ladder, collaborating with new people, writing better lyrics, etc. He had set out to release his first CD “The Rebellion Mixtape”, but had very little money, and parents had many bills to pay. He hustled, day and night, finding a job for his age during the early downfall of the economy. He got lucky, finding a job that required door-to-door advertising. He set out for the job, hustled getting forms back and forth, going door-to-door, being patient. He had exceeded the other co-workers within 1 month, and was making a range of $100-$300 a week! With this money, he bought himself the professional equipment he needed. He had become the companies top seller the next month, earning himself a $500 college scholorship. He was proud, and eventually dropped “The Rebellion” 5 months later. He had recieved 3 label offers, Supremacy Records, Block Industry Records, and Local Scene Records. Local Scene Records, however, couldn’t sign him due to his being under 18, but he dind’t let that slow him down. Now he’s on a mission and finding that major record label deal to give him those extra steps to to the top of the ladder.

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