Introduces Marth

MARTH is a composer/producer/artist currently based in Japan who has created thousands of beautiful songs in harmony with an everlasting flow of the universe.

His music envelopes you wholly with a gentleness of silky luxury. It is a peacefulness to find that we are one with the whole universe, embraced in the arms of Great Nature. MARTH is a rare artist who spontaneously creates such magnificent music like a swiftly flowing big river.

Every single album is performed by the most prominent musicians from Japan and Hollywood, U.S.A. and the quality of the sound is kept in the best by the strictly selected engineers of highest skills.
We believe every little note performed so sensitively and carefully will reach the hearts of all the people as precious messages of beauty and wisdom.

The most important requisite for the human kind is an awareness to the truth that we are living in an unknown,mysterious, immeasurable and tremendous world. —MARTH

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