Introduces “The Chronicalz of Klock Werk”

The Chronicalz of Klock Werk” takes you back to the nativity of Klock Werk Ent to the reputable label it is today. This CD is a compilation of Klock Werk performers of the past and the present. It includes a multiplicity of lyrical styles from artist like, “Buck Breeze, Divine, 100Proof, Hannabul, Ms. China, Jess, 6th Lock, Renee, Young Dizz, Ace 1, Legacy and Ms Madam”.

All music is arranged and produced by Klock Werk Ent CEO Marv Kinnel. The talent on this CD is demonstrated through the original raw and gritty lyrics created by the artist, while allowing listeners to experience the journey Klock Werk Ent endured. Although the focal point of the CD is to entertain the listeners, it also reflects the diligent efforts of all the Klock Werk Ent performers of the past and future. Local Waterbury television producers responded favorable after listening to the CD and reviewing CD Trailer that was leaked.

The single is currently available free of charge on, the CD is scheduled to be released Spring 2009, and will be available for purchase on MySpace, ITUNES and AMAZON. Marv Kinnel and the Klock Werk Ent Team have been seen on several cable television shows as well as hosting of the Waterbury local channel 13 “Skyy TV” New Year’s Day Show for 2009. “The Chronicalz of Klock Werk” CD Release party will be announced shortly and promotional and advertisement opportunities will be available for business owners. To view ‘The Chronicalz of Klock Werk” Trailer go you

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