Retro Game Challenge (Nintendo DS)

Finally brought over from Japan by Xseed Games, Retro Game Challenge is a hellaciously fun title for the DS that links together the model ability of the console with gameplay and stylings from the late eighties and early nineties. After players fire up the title, individuals will be transported into essentially an arcade of homage titles which to properly conquer. This means that there are titles that take on old-school racing titles like MotoRace USA (Rally King), Dragon Quest (Guadia Quest), and even Ninja Gaiden (Robot Ninja Haggler Man 3).

While there are games for any fan of classic gaming, there is a nod by the creators of Retro Game Challenge to the gaming culture of the period. This means that there are cheat codes abound in this title, but to find them, individuals have to go through the Nintendo Power-type of titles presented in the game and find those cheats and strategies to ensure success throughout all of Retro Game Challenge. The game play of the mini-games is highly accurate ion its representation of the games that it recreates; the game is also solid in regards to the creation of the idiosyncratic culture surrounding video games, ensuring that players will be delighted with the game in a number of different ways.

The games themselves can be played again and again; players that recall the time when there were a number of different arcades around their area will want to run through each mini-game in the hope that they can achieve the highest score, run through the levels the quickest, or otherwise create some way that they can brag to their friends. The title itself is endearing for a number of ways, and the premise of the game is enough to purchase the title; the additional game play just solidifies this as a lock, one of the first solid titles of March.

Rating: 8.8/10

Retro Game Challenge (Nintendo DS) / 2009 Xseed Games /

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