Secrets of the Furious Five (DVD)

Secrets of the Furious Five is a short-form sequel of sorts to Kung Fu Panda. Originally presented as an additional feature present on the Kung Fu Panda release, it was broken out to its own DVD release with the inclusion of a number of additional features. The movie starts out with Po being tapped by Master Shifu to head up a class teaching karate to younger (rabbit) individuals; through telling them how each of the characters came from adolescence to adulthood, a set of lessons are imparted onto the class.

For example, Mantis was a brash youngster that ultimately got eirself trapped, waiting until the point that a sence of patience and clear judgement comes to save eir. To further add to the disc’s 24 minute runtime, Dreamworks has provides potential purchasers with some value. This means that there are featurettes surrounding how individuals can learn to draw, do the panda dance, as well as further activities and games. What I would have to say is the best addition by Dreamworks here would have to be the “Inside the Chinese Zodiac” piece that provides a little more insight than would normally be present on the placemats at an Asian restaurant.

Until that time when Dreamworks comes out with a sequel to Kung Fu Panda, Secrets of the Furious Five will have to act as a stop-gap measure. There may be enough material to do just that, and given Dreamworks’ generous helping of additional features, the interested in any further work in the Kung Fu Panda line should be enough to propel the film’s sequel among the greatest money-makers of all time.

Rating: 8.0/10

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