Spongebob Vs. The Big One: Beach Party Cook-Off (Nintendo DS)

THQ has released a new Spongebob game in the hope that sales will be brisk with this latest type of Spongamania, owing from the mini-movie (which stars Johnny Depp). This DS title uses the unique qualities of the Nintendo DS to create a truly hands-on type of experience, without seeming as if they are throwing in this functionality willy-nilly. Either alone or with up to four friends, Beach Party Cook-Off places players into the Spongebob world and gives them more than enough differentiation and diversion to make this title into something that fans of all ages can appreciate.

The game starts out with individuals filling a small subset of orders, only being given the option to try their hand at different recipes when they collect enough in the way of funds. The different mini-games that comprise the cooking experience on Beach Party Cook-Off, be it loading in fries to the frier or grilling a burger – are fun and provide a different set of challenges with every different game. The graphics themselves have to straddle a very fine line between cartoony and realistic, but THQ does a bang-up job recreating the unique style in which the show is animated.

Where the challenges will be a little on the easy side for older gamers, I find that the target demographic will have enough in the way of challenge presented by the game without the difficulty becoming too music. The RPG elements (which are present in bits and pieces during the title) make a mini-game-rich title into something that will please fans of all genres. I’m unsure why THQ had to put “New Game For 2009” on the front of the title, but anyone that may be interested in the title, be they fans of good games or of the cartoon generally, should make it a point and purchase this title.

Rating: 8.0/10

Spongebob Vs. The Big One: Beach Party Cook-Off (Nintendo DS) / 2009 THQ / http://www.playthq.com

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