The Berg Sans Nipple – Along The Quai (CD)

I can understand the The Berg Sans Nipple are trying to craft their own sound even at the beginning of “Ghost”, but there are parts to this track that begin to grate on individuals’ ears after only the first or second repetition. This is fixed by having a number of different styles present during this track, but makes the album seem uncertain about whether The Berg Sans Nipple will be a success or a failure. The track, even with being one of the longer tracks at five and a half minutes, does not given individuals any confidence on whether the band will impress.

The inclusion of vocals from the start of “Mystic Song” provide a more eclectic style for The Berg Sans Nipple, and also give the band some radio-friendly minutes on “Along The Quai”. This softly-sung track moves into something a little more insistent, while still maintaining the semblance of sedateness. The fact that the synth player tweaks the knobs in a sort of pitch-shifting replaces the guitar perfectly, and allows The Berg Sans Nipple to continue with their electronic side. The seemingly childish percussion present on this track puts one mark in the success column for The Berg Sans Nipple, that is for sure. “Aquarium Life” is a track that moves back to being a more instrumental song for The Berg Sans Nipple. This track honestly sounds as if a Nintendocore band played a Sonic the Hedgehog track. While the track is interesting, it is missing vocals or some vocal replacement.

This incomplete nature means that individuals have to wait until “OF The Sung” for the next shot at a strong track. The vocals come back in a distorted, trippy way for “Of The Sung”, and even the slightly grunge guitar-like sound that comes in at brief point cannot stop this track from filling individuals with wonder. The band is very bipolar in the tracks that it creates for “Along The Quai”. While this is ostensibly an EP, I contend that the band would have better served if they cut this down to a four or five track EP. With only the successful tracks present on the shortened version of “Along The Quai”, The Berg Sans Nipple would have been much more impressive than they ultimately turn out to be on this disc. Keep listening to The Berg Sans Nipple, as they are a talent act. As long as they cut out the tracks that are weaker, they will succeed.

Top Track: Mystic Song

Rating: 3.4/10


The Berg Sans Nipple – Along The Quai / 2006 Along the Quai / / / Reviewed 24 February 2007

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