Introduces Doug Ferony

Singer Doug Ferony has been pleasing audiences for years with his delivery of many traditional pop, rock, swinging standards and love songs. Singing at many different events, concerts and venues every year, Doug sends his songs out to his listeners with passion, warmth, fun and excitement. Normally performing with his 12 piece swing band and well orchestrated arrangements, these great songs are covered very well. Continue reading “ Introduces Doug Ferony”

Into the Blue 2: The Reef (DVD)

Into the Blue 2 deals with a couple of scubaers; Dani (played here by Laura Vandervoort) and Sebeastion (Chris Carmack) and their adventures around the scenic locale of Hawaii. Where fun is fun, things take a decidedly more serious turn after they are offered a large sum of money by some shady characters. After things take a turn for the worse, it really is a testament to the skills of Sabastion and Dani whether they will be able to actually get out of their predicament or be two dead on the bottom of the ocean floor. Continue reading “Into the Blue 2: The Reef (DVD)”

ISIS US tour dates; new making of video

ISIS will embark on a six week US tour in support of Wavering Radiant (Ipecac, May 5) on May 15, kicking off in San Diego. The band’s latest release finds the LA-by-way-of-Boston quintet teaming up with producer Joe Barresi (Queens of the Stone Age, Melvins). Continue reading “ISIS US tour dates; new making of video”

Bow Wow Wow – We Are The ‘80s (CD)

This disc is marketed specifically to those individuals who remember who Bow Wow Wow is. I know that they did “I Want Candy”, but beyond that, I have no clue what else they charted with. Apparantly, there are thirteen other tracks that VH1 Classic and Sony deemed it essential to put on this album. Many of the songs feel a little dated, as we are listening to a Bow Wow Wow that had their heyday in the earliest days of the eighties. Still, individuals will pop when they hear the band’s cover of The Strangeloves’ classic “I Want Candy”. Continue reading “Bow Wow Wow – We Are The ‘80s (CD)” Introduces Mekiel B. Reuben

The Chicago born native became interested in music at the early age of eight when his mom gave him a guitar for Christmas. At the age of 15 he began studying music and woodwinds under Louis Gray, high school band director (Crane HS). . His first performance was playing at high school graduation, and he says he was greatly influenced by Grover Washington Jr.,The Crusaders, Earth,Wind & Fire and Stevie Wonder. He moved to the Caribbean where he continued to pursue his musical career. He studied privately in St. Croix with jazz woodwinds player James (Jimmy) Hamilton, a 27 year veteran of the Duke Ellington Orchestra. Mekiel says, I use to watch Hamilton perform from the back of the club where I worked. Then we became friends and he taught me the Art of Reservation, and how to enhance my playing style. Mekiel explained. He also studied with Benny Jacob El (a graduate of Juilliard School of Music) and while living in St. Croix he learned calypso, reggae, Latin and other Caribbean rhythms. After several years of touring and playing with several theatrical/dance companies in the U.S. Virgin Islands, Mekiel returned to the United States and now resides in Los Angeles, CA. Continue reading “ Introduces Mekiel B. Reuben”

Bulleit Bourbon (Whiskey)

Before this, I thought that Knob Creek was the best whiskey out there. However, after getting a chance to review Bulleit Bourbon has revealed that there is a serious contender to Knob Creek’s throne. Don’t let the bottle’s retro flair fool you: despite claims to the contrary, what is present in each bottle of Bulleit Bourbon is complex, full-bodied, and will be a whiskey experience that imbibers will not soon forget. The higher alcohol content of Bulleit (90 Proof) over other normal whiskey brands may seem daunting, but any burn is moderated with a smoothness that is unparalleled. Continue reading “Bulleit Bourbon (Whiskey)”


ABSU performed their first live show in nearly eight years on Friday, March 20. The special appearance, part of the annual South-By-Southwest Music Festival, received glowing reviews from the Austin Chronicle: “ABSU left to a ringing chant of their name, thus making it clear that this 18-year pillar of metal still reigns supreme in the land of the dark.” The show featured selections from the band’s recently released, self-titled new album. In its first month, the record has sold out three pressings as fans have rushed to buy the album currently enjoying its third week at the number 2 position on the CMJ college/hard rock charts. Continue reading “ABSU MOMENTUM RUNNING HIGH TOUR KICKING OFF EARLY JUNE”

Leslie Bowe – Gypsy (CD)

The title track shows Leslie Bowe as a singer that is in the Edwin McCain style of indie rock. There is a certain timeless nature to eir music that will increase listenership, for sure. However hopeful and smooth Bowe’s vocals are on this track, the fact remains that Bowe brings a delightful despair for anyone that is listening to the disc. This same soulful sound is present during “Fall”, which has more of a vocals on the vocals of Bowe than the instrumentation that plays an integral part in the background. The track positions itself in a smooth jazz meets adult contemporary vein, and even though the song is about six minutes, Bowe makes the time go by quickly. Continue reading “Leslie Bowe – Gypsy (CD)”

NeuFutur Magazine Introduces Portal

There’s an old adage that says that good things come in threes, and that number has certainly found significance for independent progressive rock band Portal. The band has just released their third collection of original material, Blood Red Tape, which was recorded in three separate recording studios, and is the culmination of three years of planning, patience and dedication; and the third time was definitely the charm for these self-produced independents. Portal’s music has been likened to the rhythmic complexity of Tool’s, dubbed a more hopeful version of Nine Inch Nails, and been compared to that of artists such as Porcupine Tree, A Perfect Circle, and VAST. But their more recent effort has all-but elevated them above comparison, giving them a stature of their own. Continue reading “NeuFutur Magazine Introduces Portal”

Dragon Ball: Evolution (Sony PSP)

There have been a number of different Dragonball Z games over the course of the last fifteen years, and Dragon Ball: Evolution is the one that really tends to break free of the molds and bring something new to the line. Despite the fact that the game is on a portable console (the Sony PSP), there is a certain vibrancy and quick pace to the action that belies the slower processor and graphical interface. The only thing that I could conceivably see that could be changed in future iterations of this part of the Dragon Ball line would be the AI’s difficulty. Continue reading “Dragon Ball: Evolution (Sony PSP)”