Absolut Mango (80 Proof)

It’s been a few months since NeuFutur had a chance to review any vodkas from the Absolut line, so we were happy to see a 1 liter bottle in the post about a week ago from Absolut’s PR firm. Needless to say, we set up a tasting and got some good impressions of Absolut’s latest offering. The initial bouqet is as close to actually cutting open a Mango as possible; a sip confirms that while this vodka does have a bite to it, much of said bite is muted by the strong fruit presence. The spirit itself would be perfect as a sipping spirit, but as evidenced by the different people nipping at the bottle at the review session, mixed drinks are really where the Absolut Mango shines.

Of particular note would have to be drinks consisting of a lemon-lime or other citrus component (7-Up, Sprite, and even Sierra Mist) and the Absolut Mango. The traction of the Absolut Mango in non-carbonated fruit drinks (Grapefruit, Grape, and Orange Juices) is not quite as free and easy as it was in concoctions with a soda base. However, do not let that scare you (the readers) away from trying your own juice / Absolut Mango blend; the taste when the spirit is linked to soda is stellar while merely great when it is placed alongside juices.

The flavor profile of the Absolut Mango even surpasses that of the Absolut Los Angeles that we reviewed a few months back; it seems as if the straight-forward marriage of fruit with the body of the Absolut is perhaps the strongest flavored vodka offering that we here at NeuFutur have had a chance to familiarize ourselves with. If you want a vodka that maintains the strength of the original formula but provides a little bit of the tropics in every sip, I would wholeheartedly have to suggest purchasing a bottle of the Absolut Mango.

Rating: 9.0/10

Absolut Mango (80 Proof) / Vodka / http://www.absolut.com

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