Blood on the Tracks – S/T (CD)

Everything on this EP is so perfectly constructed that it becomes hard to believe that a set of humans could come up with it; songs like “In Flames” elicit the perfect amount of emotions and fury while looking back to the middle nineties for influence. This retro sound is done much better than many of the other acts out now; the innovation done here actually goes farther in that there are forays into different time signatures strewn among this power-pop, emo-like act.

Even if this EP only lasts for a slight bit over twenty minutes, the cohesion of these six cuts is enough to honestly tell volumes about Blood on the Tracks. Without a cover on this band, Blood on the Tracks cultivate a sound that is purely their own, simultaneously recalling a host of other bands but never sounding derived. Tracks speed by as the longest here is only about three and a half minutes; even with this short timeframe, Blood on the Tracks come out with an atmosphere and a story all their own. “Love Is Dead” is the first time on this EP that Blood On The Tracks assume a style that is not completely their own; the resulting song is primarily influenced by Weezer even though a little bit of Interpol makes their presence known here. The clipped, “Blue” sound of the track is untenable; everything is too nice and removed from the realistic type of rock that was Blood on the Tracks’ fare on the rest of the disc.

The band makes a nice rebound on their “Perfect”, a track that elicits feelings of longing with Millhows’ vocals. The track has melodramatic vocals, but they are not so over the top that individuals cannot do anything besides lambaste them. The multiple levels of vocals on “Perfect” give this four and a half minute track the perfect boost it needs to bring the CD around to the beginnings of its ending. Every song on this EP is ultimately listenable and radio-ready; it is only when one listens to the arrangements present that they can see that Blood on the Tracks outstrips any other band currently out. Ending the disc with a song that simultaneously plays on all stations, from rock to indie to power pop, the Oasis-like vocals of Millhows during this track really will make listeners salivate for the full length that just has to follow.

Top Track: Without You

Rating: 6.6/10

Blood on the Tracks – S/T / 2005 Em Dash / / / Reviewed 19 December 2005


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