Bottom Line – Demo (CD)

Upon receiving Bottom Line’s two-song sampler in my stack, with hand written Sharpie titles I wasn’t so sure what to expect. But from moment one, the recording was quality and the elements were more complex than a rookie could pull. The singer has nice range that doesn’t sound strained when pushed a bit. The drumming is pretty solid, nice fills and pretty on point. “Nothing is Real” was really fun and upbeat.

The fast drumming had me nervous we were headed punk, but they pulled it off with Amber Pacific type style and worked it out to be a really decent song. Excellent use of harmonies, they added strength to emphasis points. The higher notes sound effortless and smooth, equal in strength to more central comfortable notes. I can appreciate that. “Today” had a really awesome bridge, I was hooked. It was more downbeat from the first song but is in no way lacking. The lyrics were decently inspiring. I felt myself humming along by chorus two. That is a great piece to the puzzle! I would be interested in hearing a full length from Bottom Line. I loved the two songs I was provided, and will leave them on repeat a bit.

Top Tracks: HA! There were only 2, so guess.

Bottom Line – Demo / 2006 Maverick / 2 Tracks / / / Reviewed 28 May 2007

Rating: 8.7/10


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