COCOON Announce U.S. Debut, My Friends All Died In A Plane Crash Available This April on Minty Fresh

The self-assured, serpentine melodies, liquid-glass harmonies and literate, cutting lyrics almost render their name ironic: for a group whose name implies struggle and nascent growth, Cocoon seemed to appear out of thin air, fully-formed.

Less than two years since they first began playing together, Mark Daumail (vocals, acoustic guitar, ukelele, beatbox, etc.) and Morgane Imbeaud (vocal harmonies, keyboards) stand poised to seed the entire U.S. with their sophisticated compositions as Cocoon after conquering French radio (and hearts) for the past two years. Although French artists have long shied away from English-language vocals due to a national law in France that mandates French-language programming on the radio, The Telegraph (UK) recently named Cocoon as one of the three most important bands in an English-language radio revolution that is “taking France by storm.”

The duo’s first EP reached the top 40 national chart and held down a spot in the iTunes top 5 for many weeks in France, and since then Cocoon have been spinning a trail of sold-out shows at increasingly larger venues, heavy airplay on the biggest radio stations in France and numerous cultural awards, including winning the CQFD contest for newcomers from France’s main cultural magazine, Les Inrockuptibles. With the release of My Friends All Died In A Plane Crash, Cocoon are ready to ride their giant panda (Huh? Watch the video below and you’ll see) into the American indie rock scene and another stratosphere of stardom.

Cocoon distill life’s melancholic menace and wide-open beauty into one sparkling, caustic folk solution in a way that few artists since Elliott Smith have managed. Mark Daumail’s dreams of flight, death and coming-of-age find their Earthly ground in Morgane Imbeaud’s vocal harmonies and sylvan arrangements on My Friends All Died In A Plane Crash, recalling beloved psychedelic visionaries like Sufjan Stevens, Nick Drake and Kevin Barnes.

Watch Cocoon ride a giant panda bear through a math-class daydream, evade an abominable snowman and give the Icarus myth one more try in the surreal video for “On My Way,” here:

Download Cocoon’s single “On My Way” here:

Press amour for Cocoon:

“… They barely add up to 40 years between them, but are already imposing nerve and melodic genius… It is with grace and remarkable harmony that the duo turn their emotions and anxieties into music.” — LES INROCKUPTIBLES (FRANCE)

“Mark Daumail and Morgane Imbeaud bring us closer to the stars when they play together [as Cocoon].” — ZAP (FRANCE)

“A shower of rewards and a huge buzz on stage. No doubt this album will be successful, with a universe as captivating as that of these young songwriters, and so seem to think Telerama, Les Inrockuptibles and numerous other magazines that support and vouch enthusiastically for it.” — GUITARIST ACOUSTIC (FRANCE)

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