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As previously announced, Metal Mind Productions are proud to release the first DVD from Credo – the widely acknowledged British masters of neo-prog-rock.

The DVD, entitled “This Is What We Do – Live in Poland” features the bands performance at the Wyspiański Theater in Katowice, Poland which took place in October 2008.

As any one who has seen Credo live will hope, the show perfectly captures the astonishing charisma, distinctive vocals and powerful performance of Mark Colton, the spine tingling guitar solos, performed with almost unbelievable ease by Tim Birrell and the beautiful soundscapes delivered by the keyboardist Mike Varty (also known to all fans of good prog-rock from his performances in bands such as Landmarq, Shadowland, Janison Edge, and Mick Pointer’s Marillion project Script for a Jester’s Tour). Underpinning it all is the unfailing rhythm section of Jim Murdoch Bass Guitar and Martin Meads Drums, and then, like the icing on the cake, is the unrivalled three part vocal harmonies of Mark, Mike & Jim – it’s all there! Although, as any CREDO fan will tell you, this is only part of the bands attraction as you also get great compositions – melodic, tuneful, complex and distinctive, yet at the same time, combining traditional Prog Rock values that really means this band stands out – And add to that, all performed with an energy and charisma and sense of fun reminiscent of such greats, such as Peter Gabriel Alex Harvey & Fish!

Mark Colton: “We were totally amazed by the venue, what a great setting for us as a band to play our first Polish gig, and our first European Show outside of the UK.
Obviously so many prog fans know of the venue from the DVD’s that Metal Mind have produced, and to be there, on that stage was like a dream come true.

As many people know, I was seriously ill during the recording of the Rhetoric album, and that was one of the main reasons for the delays in recording, there were times when I was in hospital I never thought I would get out of my bed again, let alone get on a stage. The worldwide response to “Rhetoric” has taken all of us in the band by surprise, and it really was the culmination of a great many years hard work, commitment and other stuff that finally led us to the stage at Teatr Slaski.

We are amazingly proud of the Rhetoric album, and have played so many shows to promote it, it was wonderful to be asked to perform the set one last time for a DVD. And to be able to play a track from the new Studio album too made the show very special for us.

We also knew how popular Field Of Vision (our first album) had been in Poland, so we wanted to do something special for our Polish fans and played the Medley, which was great fun to do, we hadn’t played some of those songs for 12 or so years, and it was great to be able to do them again.

I guess my abiding memories of the show itself will be the audience response to us, we were absolutely astounded, Tim (guitar) & Jim (Bass) have been playing together in bands for 30 years, I have been with Credo since 1992, and Martin and Mike have been working hard in other projects and, joined the band in 98 and 96 respectively so we have been together a very long time, and you can see how astounded and delighted we were by the audience response.

It was apparent that although many of the audience were familiar with our music as many didn’t know who we were, and to have the entire auditorium up on it’s feet by the end of the set was the best feeling ever and proved to us all that dreams can come true!”

Credo live in Katowice – October 2008

Additional photos taken by Marta TÅ‚uszcz can be seen here:

“This Is What We Do – Live in Poland” DVD also features:

* A selection of archive bootlegs,
* Behind-the-scenes footage,
* An exclusive interview with Mark Colton and Mike Varty,
* Bonus audio tracks (including 3 songs from the band’s first demo from 1992, recorded at the legendary Fair Deal Studio in Hayes & available here commercially for the very first time),
* Dolby Digital 5.1 Surround Sound and more!

The DVD will also be available in a limited DVD+2CD edition, including 2 bonus audio CDs with songs recorded during the gig, and as 2 CD digipak (limited to 1000 copies). The new release date is 20th April in Europe and 21st April in USA (via MVD).


“This Is What We Do – Live in Poland”

Label: Metal Mind Records
Cat. No.: MMP DVD 0175 / MMP DVD 0176 / MASS CD 1265 DGD
Barcode: 5907785034341 / 5907785034358 / 5907785034365
Format: DVD / ltd. DVD+2CD / ltd. 2CD DG
Genre: progressive/symphonic rock
Release date: 20.04.2009 Europe / 21.04.2009 USA


1. The Game
2. Turn the Gun Around
3. Skin Trade
4. Seems Like Yesterday
5. Field Of Vision – Medley
a. Power to the Nth Degree
b. Phantom
c. Rules of Engagement
d. Good Boy
6. Round and Round
7. Too Late…
8. …To Say Goodbye
9. A Kindness
10. The Letter
11. From the Cradle…
12. …To the Grave

Bonus video:
Credo Behind the Scenes:
Credo Rehearsal (2008)
Credo Rhetoric Photo Shoot (2006)
CredoCam – in Poland (2008)
‘From the Cradle…’ – Credo Live at the Rotherham ProgFest UK 1999
‘The Letter’ (Excerpt) – Credo Live at the Rotherham ProgFest UK 1999
‘Too Late to Say Goodbye’ – Credo Live at The Summer’s End Festival UK 2006

Bonus audio:
Chequered Past – First Statement, released on Cassette Tape 1992
Sweet Scarlet Whisper
‘A Kindness’ – Credo Live in Leeds 1998

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