Firefly Sweet Tea Vodka (70 Proof)

A few weeks back Firefly Sweet Tea Vodka made its way into the office. At first I wasn’t too interested in the idea. Being “southern”, I had drunk tea from dawn to dusk for several years and would never be able to compare anything to the tea from my childhood. Needless my standards were set very high.

Upon opening the bottle, I took a smell of the vodka; it was very light and fresh. Smelling like a glass of fresh brewed tea, not overly powerful with the scent of lemon or instant tea. This was a large plus for me, because other tea flavored alcoholic beverages I had, had in the past were flavored so artificially I could not bear to drink them.

After I took the first smell the product, I progressed on to taking the first taste of the liquor itself. The first flavor I got when it hit my tongue was a very sensual, musky tea flavor, with slight warmth from the vodka. This was heaven, after several drinks the flavor was still clean and fresh, inviting you to drink it. Rather than making you chug it down, as not to taste the flavor. One surprising thing about this vodka is that it goes down incredibly smooth, being 35% alcohol or 70 proof, it was a little less harsh than a typical 40% or 80 proof vodka.

Another reviewer I was with at the time, had suggested I make an “Arnold palmer” with the sprit. Essentially it is lemonade and sweet tea at equal ratios. Firefly worked wonderfully mixed with the lemonade, very summery and sweet. Also Firefly would be a great addition to any other drink, such as adding the tea to some cranberry juice and splash of triple sec, for a sexy southern tea Cosmo.

Probably the best thing about this vodka though is the price; from 15 – 22 dollars per 750 ML, it makes quality liquor available at a small price. This vodka is guaranteed hit at any party this summer, it’s just the thing to relax with after a long semester at college or just a hard week at the office. Firefly is truly a great alternative to the hum drum vodka’s out there today. It’s versatile, delicious, and affordable.

On a one to ten scale, I would rate this vodka around eight to eight and a half, for flavor and versatility.

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