Gala – Tough Love EP (CD)

With “Tough Love”, Gala is poised to make her presence felt in 2009. Despite having a number of hits on the world stage in the past, the tracks on “Tough Love” may just be the most memorable of her career. “Tough Love” begins strongly, a track in “Tough Love” that immediately re-establishes Gala as the queen of her own domain. The title effort from “Tough Love” shows a blending of rock, dance, and pop styles in the creation of a track that is quirky and fun at the same time.

The driving beat sets the stage, while Gala’s unique vocal style really sells the track in a way that currently popular female artists (Lady Gaga, Britney Spears) simply cannot. “Freed From Desire (the Un-remix)” continues to hammer this point home. Gala is able to fit in so many different levels to each of the tracks on “Tough Love” that fans of all ages, likes, and desires will be able to easily enjoy the album. “Freed From Desire” is a track that will bring the house down at any dance club where it is played, but a careful listen to the song will uncover subtle nods to goth, Madonna, and even disco. “Faraway” brings a little bit more R&B to Gala’s sound, with hints of Aaliyah and Brandy present even as a funk-laced groove plays in the background. The common thread running through “Tough Love” is that Gala comes into played-out and otherwise weak genres and imbues them with a spirit that is purely her own.

Each of the cuts on “Tough Love” are similar in terms of this ability; no matter how long it has been since the listener last popped in “Tough Love”, they will be able to sing along with “Faraway” or “Freed From Desire”. What would normally be a middle of the ground R&B track is crackling with all the energy of her voice, the backing instrumentation morphed into something that will play in listeners’ heads for a long time following. Make sure to pick up a copy of “Tough Love” and try your best to see Gala live, whenever a tour of hers makes it to your neck of the woods.

Top Tracks: Number 3, Tough Love

Rating: 9.1/10

Gala – Tough Love EP / 2009 Self /

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  1. I love Gala. Her music is fantastic and the new songs on her MySpace sound different but great.


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