Into the Blue 2: The Reef (DVD)

Into the Blue 2 deals with a couple of scubaers; Dani (played here by Laura Vandervoort) and Sebeastion (Chris Carmack) and their adventures around the scenic locale of Hawaii. Where fun is fun, things take a decidedly more serious turn after they are offered a large sum of money by some shady characters. After things take a turn for the worse, it really is a testament to the skills of Sabastion and Dani whether they will be able to actually get out of their predicament or be two dead on the bottom of the ocean floor.

There are a few additional features that purchasers of the Into the Blue DVD will be able to sink their teeth into. This means that individuals can rock along to the “Back To The Beach” music video that is present, while the “Get Wet” featurettes is a great way to understand exactly what went through the cast and crew as they got ready for the number of diving scenes that were present in the film. Finally, the best inclusion here would have to be the “Run For Your Life” featurette, which breaks down the chase scene into tremendous detail. For those individuals that are video or audiophiles, the footage of Into the Blue 2 provides eye-poppingly gorgeous scenery with some of the clearest non-Blu-Ray radio that could be contained on a DVD.

There are very few films that have been released in the last ten years that hold a candle to the films which they were based off of, but Into The Blue 2 really keeps the same high quality that the original film provided legions of viewers in 2005. Two up and coming actors really make the film into something special; I have little doubt in my mind that Carmack and Vandervoort will be major forces in Hollywood in the next 10 years.

Rating: 7.4/10

Into the Blue 2: The Reef (DVD) / 2009 Fox / 92 Minutes /

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