Karlsson’s Gold (80 Proof)

Very few vodkas are created with potatoes nowadays, with a number of companies merely using grain alcohol for their bite. Karlsson’s Gold is one of those few companies that are still using potatoes to create their vodka, and it is this attention to tradition that makes Karlsson’s Gold shine brightest of all “normal” vodkas. What individuals will first glean from Karlsson’s Gold is a bouquet that is much less harsh than practically every other vodka on the market. The milt alcohol bite is matched perfectly with an equal amount of floral and earthy elements.

The complex nuances of Karlsson’s Gold make its use in mixed drinks second to taking sips of the spirit directly, or with only the lightest of modification. Sipping it straight, or on the rocks, allows imbibers to fully experience Karlsson’s Gold’s flavor profile, meaning that they can taste a full-bodied spirit that variously provides drinkers with a vodka experience like no other. If individuals do end up using itin a mixed drink, the unique flavor that Karlsson’s Gold has in its singular form melds quite well to all manner of mixed drink. My favorite, a screwdriver, married the orange flavor of the juice with the floral notes of the Karlsson’s Gold to make for something that was robust while still dainty (in a good way).

If you want to attempt vodka that is done the traditional way and is given the utmost care through all of the creation process, make it a point to go to your local liquor store and pick up a bottle of Karlsson’s Gold. While you are there, see exactly what else MHW, Ltd has imported; if any of the other spirits or wines are a fraction as solid as Karlsson’s Gold, I would have to give the green light.

Rating: 8.2/10

Karlsson’s Gold (80 Proof) / Vodka / http://www.karlssonsvodka.com

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