La Forza – Dance Music For Your Mind (Vol. 1) (CD)

The majesty in which La Forza begins their “Dance Music For Your Mind” is simply staggering. The disc’s first track, “Vision Quest”, mixes ambient forms of electronic music with classical and even tribal to create something that will stick with listeners long after the track ends. “Renewal” is very laid back, allowing listeners to properly take in all La Forza has for them; hints of eighties electronic comes forth even as the aforementioned listeners are whisked away to an aural landscape that is as detailed and formed as well as the most apt storyteller could create.

“Approaching Levitation” is similar to the previous tracks on “Dance Music For Your Mind” in that it showcases La Forza’s unique style, one that shifts, twists, and turns through countless different musical styles and approaches. “Approaching Levitation” has an upbeat style to it that is decidedly different from the rest of the tracks on the album, ensuring that listeners will be at the edge of their seats throughout. For my money, the faster tempo and intricate arrangements that are commonplace during “Blossoming Flowers” really make La Forza shine brightest in my eyes. Despite the fact that there are only a few instruments present during the track, the interplay between these pieces make for something that is decidedly greater than the sum of its parts. The track, instrumental like the rest of “Dance Music For Your Mind”, nevertheless tells a story in a more clear and concise way than a majority of acts currently out today.

Later tracks, such as the penultimate “To Connect to Eternity” and the coup de grace “The Sound of Clouds”, are held to the same standards of quality that were present during the introductory minutes of the album. While few acts in the dance genre excite me, La Forza is able to create an album that will stay on heavy rotation in the office for months to come. La Forza has a greater allure than many a dance act because they incorporate genres and sounds that would seem to some to be inimical to dance; it is precisely this innovative spirit that will undoubtedly ensure them a rich and fruitful career.

Top Tracks: Blossoming Flowers, Dream Within a Dream

Rating: 8.2/10

La Forza – Dance Music For Your Mind (Vol. 1) / 2009 Self / 12 Tracks /

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