Marble Saga Kororinpa (Wii)

This game is a sequel to Kororinpa: Marble Mania, and from the outset, players will be shocked at the steps that Hudson had taken to ensure that critics of the original title will have nothing to harp on.The game itself surrounds the collection of stump pieces, to assist Anthony the Ant in finding the “Golden Sunflower Seed”. The stump pieces also unlock further functionality in the game, giving players more of the way of range to option in the level editor.

Players will be impressed with how varied Hudson has made the entire experience; the player’s marble is shot through cannons, bounced around pinball bumpers, and is modified in countless other ways to ensure a fresh gaming experience, no matter how far a player might be in the game. The three different difficultly levels that one can play the game at will ensure that players of all ages can enjoy Marble Saga Kororinpa, whether it be through casually playing the title or intensely planning and plotting each move through the game’s countless mazes. The controls may be a little bit hard to acclimate oneself to, but represent reality well. I believe a number of players may have a problem at first with the title, but one has to consider that few players have ever tried to make a marble move around a maze.

For those people lambasting the game due to its control, I would have them purchase a marble maze and see how close to life Hudson’s title really is. Of particular note with Marble Saga Kororinpa has to be the inclusion of 10 different stages that use the Wii Balance Board, changing up considerably the dynamic and method players will use in the completion of the stage. The inclusion of a level edition and the ability for players to transfer stages via Wii Connect will ensure that the game lives on well after its normal life expectancy: I can imagine tournaments being created in order to determine the most capable Kororinpa players. Purchase the game today, if you would like both your reflexes and mind stimulated in a fulfilling fashion; it should hopefully be only a little bit before a maze pack is brought to the market.

Rating: 8.8/10

Marble Saga Kororinpa (Wii) / 2009 Hudson Soft / Konami /

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