Introduces Dimension Zero

Dimension Zero, a concept born from the inspiration of the European computer underground “demo” scene in 1992. Unlike traditional musical projects, Dimension Zero originated as an online distributor for graphical/musical computer demos created by groups like Future Crew, ACiD, and The Humble Guys. Monty Singleton, the SysOp (System Operator) of Dimension Zero was fascinated by the possibilities of what could be created on a personal computer and began experimenting with electronically generated music. Raised with a strong background in classical piano and an addiction to computers, creating electronic music was a natural progression and Dimension Zero was born.

“My lyrics are reflective of my views and philosophies about my cultural surroundings more than anything else.” Monty explains. Raised under strong religious and cultural influences from the small town of Layton, UT, Monty says his lyrics “Let me explore and analyze my thoughts under a microscope. It’s more of a discovery process about the society I live in and how that society shapes who I am. Hopefully this will help me learn more about myself and society as a whole.”

Inspired from bands such as Depeche Mode, U2, Nine Inch Nails, Faith No More, Elvis, and Michael Jackson, Dimension Zero’s music blends so many styles that Artist Interviews’ writer Mauricio Saravia says “deserves to be in a category of it’s own.” With worldwide radio airplay with hits such as “Static Space”, having a remix hand picked by Chuck D’s founder Public Enemy from hundreds of other remixers, “Public Enemy No. 1 (Dimension Zero redu)” was included on the Japanese release of their album “Revolverlution”, Dimension Zero has received critical acclaim from around the world. Fans include Germany’s Snuff Pop Inc. founder Ant who called Static Space a “Masterpiece”, and Gods Of Music reviewer Josh Richmond who said “Radio friendly, extremely good, and very impressive.”

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