Introduces Katy Creek

Who Is Katy Creek ? Wes & Nancy Ruybal perform Western Americana, Cowboy Poetry and Gospel. With a pure uncomplicated style, they present renditions and recitations about the American West and it’s people from the 1800’s to the modern day working cowboy.

Wes grew up a horseback, cowboying with his father and brothers. His family’s cowboy heritage dates back to the settling of the San Luis Valley in Colorado in the 1680’s. Wes’s poetry and songs reflect his many experiences as a working cowboy, including the folks he’s met and places he’s worked. Nancy, a country girl from Ohio, began writing and performing folk music at age fourteen. When they came together, it was only natural their music and poetry would speak of our great American Heritage, the settling of the West and Wes’s own cowboy experiences in the modern world. A Katy Creek concert is an exciting adventure of life and love, laughter and tears with a dash of murder, mayhem and mystery you won’t want to miss. Katy Creek is the name of a creek running through our place at Table Top National Wilderness. Watch for The Legend of Katy Creek on our next project!

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