Notorious (Blu-Ray)

Obviously, Biggiemania struck pretty big after this film first hit movie theatres. I have little doubt in my mind that a similar level of euphoria and remembrance will hit the streets and neighborhoods of the United States when copies of the Blu-Ray of Notorious break big. Beyond having the cut of the film that was originally played at movie theatres, there is a 6-minute longer “Director’s Cut” that gives viewers that much more information about one of the best rappers of all time.

Beyond these two major pieces, there are a tremendous amount of additional and bonus features that will ensure that viewers stick with this Blu-Ray in their player for months to come. For those with an iPod Video or similar type of media player, there is a digital copy of the film that will make trips to the office or car rides go by quicker, while the deleted scenes give a different way to interpret the film. “Life After Death: Making Notorious” is a rare view behind the lens, allowing viewers to understand how difficult the film wasto create in an accurate and flattering manner, while “I Got a Story to Tell” showcases the skill and deftness that Biggie used to create some of the most memorable rap tracks of all time.

For those fans that are Biggie fanatics, a number of clips of “Never Before Seen” concert footage from the Big one eirself will be the selling point, while the different commentaries present further establish how important Biggie was to the current (and even future) music scene. Obviously, if you were a fan of the Notorious BIG or just of the film itself, make it a point to purchase Notorious on Blu-Ray. If you want to see exactly what should be seen as a blueprint for further Blu-Ray releases, buy Notorious and see the solid audio and video footage, the sharp and poignant commentaries, and the numerous featurettes that are present.

Rating: 8.5/10

Notorious (Blu-Ray) / 2009 Fox / 123 Minutes / /

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