Perfect Hideout (DVD)

Perfect Hideout is a film that has been ignored by the mainstream, and I feel myself lucky to see that Well Go has picked it and released it on DVD. This Billy Zane-focused movie does not even get Wikipedia love, but it represents one of eir strongest non-Believer roles. This German-made film is intense, and represents a tale of a person that is truly stuck behind a rock and hard place. Cristian Solimeno’s (Footballer’s Wives) character Nick has to go and rob a gas station in order to leave eir former life of crime behind.

An errant shot later and Nick is holed up in a house with its owner (played by the aforementioned Zane), all while the police are breathing down their throats. A surprise (I’ll let Well Go and the film explain it) changes the whole scope of the crime while twisting and turning the audience’s loyalties. There is not a film that this could easily be compared with; hints of suspense, crime, thriller, and horror all are present during Perfect Hideout’s 93-minute run time.

While the situations that the characters find themselves in seem a little out of reality, director Stephen Manuel (Full Feedback, Fatal Rescue) does a bang-up job injecting the story with a reality that makes viewers believe that the actions here could actually happen. The transfer to DVD is sharp and allows even the most nitpicky videophile the chance to be happy; a similarly-strong audio track further makes this transfer a “win”. Go to the Well Go store (or a local store that stocks Well Go products) and purchase Perfect Hideout; prepare to have your assumptions about film genre shaken to the core.

Rating: 7.9/10

Perfect Hideout (DVD) / 2009 Well Go / 93 Minutes /

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