Sipo – Year Of The White Rose (CD)

“He Who Has Ears Let Him Hear” is an intensely emotional track that has the same gravitas of a Muse or Queens of the Stone Age, but has a diversity of layers that would make bands as storied as U2 proud. Sipo’s first effort on “Year Of The White Rose” will keep listeners focused in on the rest of his compositions on the album, regardless of what genres that they may typically appreciate. The two-part “Dare You” is a very ambitious set of tracks, really coming into brilliance a minute or so in.

Keeping with the sound first broached during “He Who Has Ears”, Sipo is able to take a strong step forward and create an extremely dense track that will require listeners to give the tracks quite a few listens before they truly understand exactly what all Sipo has placed here. “White Light” is just as important as both parts of “Dare You”, due to the significant change in Sipo’s sound that is heard here. During this track, a slower side to Sipo is heard, one that takes on the works of Nirvana, Chris Cornell, and Pearl Jam and links them to a full, bold sound that captures the unique essence of Sipo perfectly.

“A Thousand Times No” as a little bit of an atmospheric echo present that hearkens back to the work of early Cure and even the Velvet Underground; the quick tempo of the instrumentation here creates a track that touches upon countless styles and genres of music, further increasing the directions that Sipo can take with the rest of their “Year Of The White Rose”. “See Change”, the disc’s penultimate track, is further evidence that Sipo has put their soul into the creative process, creating something that has never been heard but still has a common sound to it that will impress listeners, whether young or old. Give “Year Of The White Rose” a chance and see exactly how the band varies from their studio representation. I have no doubt in my mind that Sipo’s live show will be just as exciting as this album.

Top Tracks: A Thousand Times No, See Change

Rating: 8.3/10

Sipo – Year Of The White Rose / 2009 Self / 10 Tracks /

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