Six Flags Fun Park (Wii)

There have been few ways that I can recall that allows video game players to recreate the experience of an amusement park aside from simulations like Rollercoaster Tycoon. Six Flags Fun Park is the first game that I can recall that does just that, and benefits from the Wii’s unique control scheme to make a game that is truly lasting in magnitude.

The sheer number of minigames present (over 40 in total) means that players will have to put in more time with this title than they would for average casual games web sites or similar “all in one” types of titles. Furthermore, the inclusion of a multiplayer mode ensures that a second set of game play is open for those individuals that have blazed through the different single player minigames. Versions of skiball, the claw game, and even a whack a mole-styled type of game keep the experience fresh throughout, regardless of how many time the player has encountered those type of games in real life. With proper experience with all of these minigames, players can unlock a more “Real life” type of experience in the Six Flags Fun Park “living world”. Furthermore, for a limited time, the purchase of this title comes with a free admission for a child’s entrance into Six Flags.

This effectively offsets the amount of money that individuals would put into the game in the first place, and provide their child with two different sources of fun. If your child likes bright colors, intuitive controls, and a whole slew of different ways to express themselves, Six Flags Fun Park is the Wii title that should be your next purchase in 2009. Some individuals may think that the title is a little bit childish, but one has to remember that there is a vibrant sub-section of titles that are developed for the young set. Where Ubisoft (and Brash) succeed is providing some allure to the older groups by creating an experience that is universal, and fun at the very least.

Rating: 8.0/10

Six Flags Fun Park (Wii) / 2009 Ubisoft /

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