Spain…On The Road Again (DVD)

I had no idea that Spain had such a rich culinary flavor to it. Sure, there have been countless shows done about Mexican and Italian cuisine, but I can’t seem but to think that Spain has been ignored in modern culinary circles. The amount of recipes that are provided at points during Spain are simply fantastic, and represent both old and modern interpretations of the tradition. While the show may have originally aired on PBS, owning the series provides viewers with the opportunity to more leisurely take the path that Mario Batali makes over the course of the series’ 13 episode run.

The star power present in the episodes (beyond Batali, Spain also includes Gwyneth Paltrow, Mark Bittman (How To Cook Everything), and actress Claudia Bassols). The features that are present on this DVD set increase viewers’ enjoyment considerably, and rival the number of inclusions present on even the biggest studio’s releases. This means that there is a wonderful commentary by the director that provides a little added insight to the creative process behind Spain, along with a Behind the Scenes featurette that spins the narrative away from the leading stars and the director o the cast and crew present on the show.

If you like cooking or travel television, Spain…On The Road Again is a must-buy. This is due to the half day of straight show footage and additional material that is present, the warm personalities of the hosts, and the rich, vibrant settings in which they find themselves. And, especially in this down economy, the fact that many retailers are selling this set for $30 should all make the decision easier. I know I will come back to this DVD set whenever I want to get away from Kent or make some stellar quisine.

Rating: 9.1/10

Spain…On The Road Again (DVD) / 2009 Docurama / 690 Minutes /

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