Strange Wilderness (Blu-Ray)

Strange Wilderness was released last year, and Paramount has taken the plunge and has tapped it as another title to be transferred to Blu-Ray. The film itself was reviewed here at , and provides a better description of the plot than will be discussed here. Essentially, Strange Wilderness focuses around a nature show that is looking to bump their ratings after a steady decline by capturing Bigfoot. The Blu-Ray version of this release is surprising in that it has ratcheted up the quality of the video and audio in a noticeable way.

One would think that the quality of a DVD release in 2008 would be similar to what is possible on a Blu-Ray release in 2009, but one need only look at the two releases side-by-side to see a tremendous difference. Beyond the fresh audio (which really shines as soon as the crew gets into the jungles), the video just pops at practically every turn. After viewers have went and sated themselves with the film, Paramount has transferred and provided a number of great additional features to this Blu-Ray.

This means that the entire “Reel Comedy” episode that showcased bits and pieces from Strange Wilderness is here in full, while a fourth of an hour of deleted scenes will allow individuals further laughs and a greater appreciation for what actually made it into the film. Finally, the full “Cooker’s Song” will have fans of the movie in stitches, and maybe will even make some converts out of those wary about the film.
If you have not purchased Strange Wilderness yet, I would wholeheartedly recommend purchasing the Blu-Ray iteration of the title. If you have the DVD, I would have to say to pick up the latest Blu-Ray releases first and to pick up Strange Wilderness one week when the amount of movies that you want to buy is lower than normal . The additional features and sharp transfer are nice, but just may not be enough for fans that have a limited budget when it comes to purchasing movies and the like.

Rating: 8.0/10

Strange Wilderness (Blu-Ray) / 2009 Paramount / 87 Minutes /

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