Straw Dogs – Love and then Hope (CD)

“Lie Awake” is a distinctive track, one that will indelibly imprint the Straw Dogs on the minds of anyone fortunate enough to listen in. The natural progression that is present throughout “Lie Awake” allows listeners to gradually get their feet wet with the band, as well as establish the band as operating within the alternative and college rock genres. Unlike other bands in this genre, there is a richness of spirit that shines through, something that makes it incredibly easy for listeners to identify with the lead singer. “Could You” kicks thing into a quicker gear, bringing together artists as diverse as Bryan Adams and the Goo Goo Dolls into a track that all can find something that they appreciate.

With each of the tracks on “Love and then Hope” being ready for radio rotation, the Straw Dogs are poised to take the world by storm. The readily accessible music that is commonplace during the distinct tracks on “Love and then Hope” couples with a smart arrangement and talented instrumentation to make one of the most fulfilling albums of the review. “Down My Hall” elicits flashes of the Counting Crows, with a little bit of the southern rock of a Lynyrd Skynyrd present. To catch a wider array of fans, the Straw Dogs have taken on the mantle of Death Cab for Cutie as well on this track.

Aside from grabbing these new fans, “Down My Hall” ensures that what comes forth is something completely new. “Numbers”, despite its position as one of the later tracks on “Love and then Hope”, represents a track that anyone that wishes to understand more about the band should search out. The emotive intensity of the lead vocals during the track correspond nicely to the slightly funky, thoughtful instrumentation that weaves its way throughout the track. The Straw Dogs may not be known by a wide subset of individuals, but “Love and then Hope” is a great introduction to the band. If you like your rock more substantive than the average bit of cookie cutter suburbia that passes for rock on radio, purchase this album.

Top Tracks: Sure of Goodbye, Something More

Rating: 8.6/10

Straw Dogs – Love and then Hope / 2009 Self / 14 Tracks

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2 thoughts on “Straw Dogs – Love and then Hope (CD)”

  1. Was the the Straw Dogs’ music and lyrics composed by a super-team of musicians, poets, philosophers, sociologists, and psychologists? No, it’s too personal; it must have come from an individual’s sensitive, passionate heart. It gets inside of me and wells up in there, until it overflows into conceptual or actual tears. It’s simply beautiful!

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