The Bleeding Alarm – Beauty in Destruction (CD)

“This Girl Has A Gun” is the first song (not counting introductions) on The Bleeding Alarm’s “Beauty in Destruction”. The band comes to this track in an interesting way; the band vacillates between a harder rock style and the much more emotive rock style that ultimately takes the day by the end of the track. The band starts out their album in strong fashion, but there seems to be something holding This Bleeding Alarm back from grabbing thee brass ring with “This Girl Has A Gun”. The track itself is solid, but it would be shaken out when compared to the radio singles of other emo acts currently on the market.

The hard-hitting sound of This Bleeding Alarm continues during “Oh Sweet Revenge”, but this tracks shows that This Bleeding Alarm is working much more to craft a solid alarm rather than trying to have one or two memorable tracks on the radio or other media outlets. The band may be trying to create a specific sound for “Beauty in Destruction”, but this does not lock them into a specific course of action. This is shown perfectly by “Remembering My Romance”, which is a track that is much more furious and (at times) more hard-hitting than anything else previously heard on this album. The use of multiple vocals here is another nice thing that individuals can look forward to from This Bleeding Alarm.

In much of the same way, “Extinguish Ignite” is a track that even takes up a little bit of the new metalcore genre and meshes it alongside the emo approach of This Bleeding Alarm. The band has the skills to blend the two seamlessly, and keeps them from narrowing their style needlessly. Of all of the tracks on “Beauty in Destruction”, “Extinguish Ignite” may be the one that is closest for This Bleeding Alarm to having a second life outside of this album. This is due to the fact that the band differentiates their sound, and even aligns themselves ever so slightly with acts like Yellowcard here. The slightly classical sound of This Bleeding Alarm coupled with the disc’s longer runtime makes this their epic; individuals should check out this song if they can only hear one thing from the band. I’d like to hear how their progress, as I see the band as paralleling the aforementioned Yellowcard. Time should only be a good factor for these kids.

Top Tracks: Extinguish Ignite, This Girl Has A Gun

Rating: 6.0/10

The Bleeding Alarm – Beauty in Destruction / 2006 Immortal / 11 Tracks / / / Reviewed 15 October 2006


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