The IT Crowd – Season One (DVD)

If you’ve yet to hear about the British sitcom The IT Crowd, just wait about a year. It’s only a matter of time before one of the networks here snatches up the rights to this series and tries to repurpose it for American audiences, only to cancel it after two episodes (NBC had originally planned to run it last year, but the show has yet to air).

The three-year-old British series centers around a team of IT professionals at an office that does… well not exactly sure what it is they do. The IT department, banished to the basement, consists of Roy, (a bitter geek), Moss, (a socially-stunted geek) and their new boss Jen (very much not a geek. In fact she barely knows how to turn on her computer). Don’t expect subtly with the humor like The Office. It’s more in the traditional sitcom vein with over-the-top farce and gags and an annoying laugh track.

Despite those setbacks, the show still manages to be remarkably funny, with witty dialogue; some strikingly original set-ups (like the goth who lives in the server room) and situations American TV stations would be too timid to touch (like the entire IT department getting on the same menstrual cycle. Yup, guys too.). On second thought, let’s hope the U.S. networks chose to leave this one alone. They’d only screw it up.
Rating: 8.2 out of 10

The IT Crowd – Season One / DVD / 2009 / MPI Video / 144 Minutes

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