The Uninvited (Blu-Ray)

Where Disturbia was a solid film and The Ring really allowed horror to take that next step forward, The Uninvited is one of those films that is able to learn from the successes and failures from previous efforts by the producers, as well as from the entirety of the genre. The haunting aura of The Uninvited comes forth quite well on Blu-Ray, meaning that the atmospheric noise and sounds present during the film make it seem as if the action is actually happening in a viewer’s house.

For those individuals that have not had the chance to see the alternate ending up to this point, the Blu-Ray is important to ensure what was possible with the film, should Parkes and MacDonald ultimately took a different tack to the film. There are a few additional features to this Blu-Ray that considerably adds to the replay value of the title. Of course, there is a deleted scenes section that will ensure that viewers have a better idea about the context in which the film was intended to be enjoyed, while “Unlocking the Univited” will answer any further questions that viewers may have about the creative process.

t seems that many movie houses really skimp when it comes to additional features when it comes to horror flicks, but Dreamworks really has done The Uninvited’s Blu-Ray release perfect. The audio is sharp, the video is brilliant, and the Blu-Ray release even gives the experience of watching the theatrical run a run for its money. If you liked The Ring, you’ll love The Univited. If you want your horror to blend equal parts suspense and gore, The Univited is the perfect title for you. Pick it up today.

Rating: 8.1/10

The Uninvited (Blu-Ray) / 2009 Dreamworks / 87 Minutes /

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