White Maison ‘Night Driving’ ep remixed by Williams on Love Triangle Music

Love Triangle are very proud to announce this first release from Berlin based musicians ‘White Maison’ of whom we know very little other than that they make great music!

Think of the brooding menace of John Carpenters Assault on Precinct 13 offset against the ecstatic highs of Giorgio Moroders Evolution. Throw in some Vangelis, early Detroit techno, cosmic Italo and you get ‘Night Driving’.

Love Triangle’s very own Williams revels in providing no less than three remixes all very distinct from one and other. The Main Mix is an apt follow up to his Love On A Real Train – the main hook builds in a swirling intoxication of guitars and arpeggios before lush chords lift us to an altogether more Balearic place. ‘Williams Reprise remix’ (digital only) is a slower, grinding take on main remix, but with added meat in the form of an acidic arp wig out, while his ‘Reprise Theme’ is the ultimate atmospheric DJ tool, again using those Moroder-esque Arpeggios to mesmerize minds and agitate toes. If you don’t hear these remixes being played on the playa this summer, be sure to let us know!

– – – – TRACKLIST – – – –

A: White Maison – Night Driving
B1: White Maison – Night Driving (Williams remix)
B2: White Maison – Night Driving (Williams Reprise Theme)

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