A Little Princess (DVD)

This 1986 movie, based off of Frances Hodgson Burnett’s (The Secret Garden) work, shows that made for television productions can have the same endearing property as modern, high-budget masterpieces. While the cast of actors may not be well known to the current film-watching public, the quality of Maureen Lipman or Miriam Margolyes is head and shoulders above the average performance rendered by a good half of Hollywood at this present day. In A Little Princess, the action surrounds Sara Crewe, a young woman that has always had the best of everything, due to the machinations of eir father, a high-up in the British Indian army.

Sonn after the actions of the film start, eir father dies and the hardness of life gradually becomes apparent. Where in most situations, Sara would turn out into nothing better than a beggar, the caring quality of all individuals that ey meets in the course of the movie ensures that ey can resume the mantle as described in the title of the film. This endearing title breaks free of the period in which it was placed and really speaks volumes to the beauty of humanity, and what exactly can be done when one finds genuinely nice people.

I just hope that E1 continues to release older British films in this vein: there is more than enough of a fan base for these titles, and quite a large number of shows and movies from the eighties and nineties have not been given the E1 (or possibly any DVD) treatment since the advent of the medium. There may not be any extra additions in terms of featurettes with this DVD, but one has to remember that the costs of procuring the rights to this title were likely high, while the ability to actually watch this film as it was originally intended is well worth the purchase price.

Rating: 8.2/10

A Little Princess (DVD) / 2009 E1 / 150 Minutes / http://www.entertainmentonegroup.com

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