‘Adaptations – Mixtape #1’ is the new album from Ada on Kompakt

It’s always entertaining to drive around Cologne with ADA. The conversation starts off with a saga about her trip to the city car impound thanks to her illegally parking her chariot, while tunes crackle through her relic of a car stereo cassette player. Looking back, our trips always seem to end with chorusing some Madonna single, one guarantee ADA always has some track or song that I’ve never heard on these overdubbed cassette tapes and which stays with me for the rest of the night.

To some folks out there, it’s been a while since they’ve heard from ADA. That would be when AREAL released her triumphant debut album “BLONDIE” and Pitchfork cried that it would ‘make it hard to hear Blondie and not walk away woozy and a little weak-kneed.’ In part to her gorgeous melodies and undefinable appreciation for techno/house music, she set a new standard for the electronic musician artist album and brought a roar of appreciation for artists, fans and critics from around the world.

The truth is that ADA never went anywhere for the past few years – she’s been amongst us, performing all over the place (even launching a DJ career) and releasing a steady stream of singles between AREAL and her new imprint IRR. Plus there’s been loads of remixes…so it was only natural that her cassette tapes would have an effect – and rather than just collecting her remixes we decided to take things a step further and can’t suppress our glee in doing so here. ADAPTATIONS – MIXTAPE #1 brings together a collection of new and unreleased music, ADA’s highlight remixes, renditions of her tracks touched by friends, plus even a lost, alternative take of her most loved song BLINDHOUSE.

ADAPTATIONS – MIXTAPE #1 is lovingly blended together but not to be confused with being a DJ mix, the songs have a degree of separation between each other…potentially to be remembered in the future as a collection of highly memorable moments in her illustrious career. Diving in, EVERYTHING BUT THE GIRL’s TRACEY THORN vocals brood over ADA’s delicate beats propelling us into what promises to be a world of modern electronic pop music. Degrees of distinction roll throughout ADAPTATIONS. From her released electro-tinged BOOKA SHADE remix , to the house drenched cycle of her IRR released FORTY WINKS to her musical duet with RAZ OHARA of APPARAT fame, ADAPTATIONS showcases a speculative depth rarely heard in her music and provokes a more matured aspect to her own production. As a bonus, she reaches into the vaults pulling out a lost version of fan favorite BLINDHOUSE recorded together with INTERNATIONAL PONY’s COSMIC DJ.

Bringing a slight twist to the typical remix collection, ADA invites some of her favorite remixes onboard for ADAPTATIONS. Studio-mate DEE PULSE hits back house with his unreleased remix of FIZZMANN and TOBIAS THOMAS & MICHAEL MAYER team up to tackle the unforgettable YEAH YEAH YEAH’s cover of MAPS that originally appeared on BLONDIE.

It’s safe to say that ADA has brilliantly succeeded in creating her own, personal mix tape that is well deserving of being shared with everyone.

– – – – TRACKLIST – – – –

1. Tracey Thorn – Grand Canyon (Ada remix)
2. Ada- Fizzmann (Dee Pulse Remix)
3. Booka Shade – Vertigo vs. Cha (Ada Remix)
4. Brant feat. Mr. Roper –
Last night I dreamt that somebody loved me (Ada Remix)
5. Ada – Maps (Thomas/Mayer Remix)
6. Alex Smoke –
Never want to see you again (Ada Remix)
7. Ada – Eve (DJ Koze Mix)
8. Ada feat. Raz Ohara – Lovestoned
9. Andi Teichmann – Tape (Ada Mix)
10. Ada – Living It Up
11. Ada – Forty Winks
12. Ada feat. Cosmic DJ –
Our Blindhouse (each and every one)

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