Aiden – Knives (CD)

Aiden always was that band that the younger set got into and the older set maligned. I believe that the 10 cuts on “Knives” are what Aiden precisely needed to really take their music to the next level, without compromising the sound that brought them fame in the first place. From the introductory strains of “Killing Machine”, what listeners will hear from the band is something that is more mature and focused than ever before. “Scavengers of the Damned” is a track that takes on the sound first crafted on “Our Gangs Dark Oath” and “Nightmare Anatomy” and throws in equal amounts of My Chemical Romance and AFI.

What results is a track that will have listeners shouting out the chorus for months after initially hearing the track. “Let The Right One In” kicks listeners asses from the get go, with every needle burying itself in the red. The emotive vocals that start soon after continue this quick tempo, while weaving a narrative that is as rich as that brought forth during a Brand New or Taking Back Sunday track. “Crusifiction” changes up the “Knives” sound slightly by throwing in a ropy bass line that bolsters the low end considerably. The bass inclusion works well with the lighter vocals, and provides enough of a momentum boost to “Knives” that listeners that may have gotten the slightest bit weary will be able to continue with the rest of the disc.

“Portrait” starts off in a more atmospheric way, touching upon both gothic and industrial music as the track spins on. There is little in the way of music on this track beyond this haunting type of sound, and the track itself acts as a palette cleanser before “Excommunicate” starts up. “Knives” is a solid enough album, ensuring that Aiden are able to break big a few tracks throughout the summer. The only thing that I would say for Aiden to work on for their next album would be further delineation of the tracks on a recording, to provide listeners with a richer experience than they would typically have.

Top Tracks: Let The Right One In, The Asylum

Rating: 7.2/10

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