Thunderdome Touring, and Season of Mist present the return of the technical metal keystone, ATHEIST to the North American tour trail this July!

Starting as far back as the late 80’s, ATHEIST etched their name in stone for taking progressive metal to pioneering extremes. Laying largely dormant for the past 15 years, this integral quartet has risen again, inked with Season of Mist and prepared for a mid-summer crusade. They join the current cream-of-the-crop of creative bands influenced by the embryonic stew concocted by this genre defining group.

The bill is as follows:

* ATHEIST (Season of Mist)
* THE FACELESS (Metal Blade)
* PSYOPUS (Metal Blade)
* THE AGONIST (Century Media)
* GNOSTIC (Season of Mist)

And of these newer bands influenced by ATHEIST stands GNOSTIC, who happen to be made up of 3/4 of ATHEIST themselves! Of this tour and unique double-duty situation, drummer Steve Flynn comments:

“We’re absolutely thrilled to be doing this tour with such an incredible lineup of brutal technical bands. This bill is going to just peel your face off. Not only are all the bands insanely technical and heavy, but the lineup also covers a broad spectrum of style – from the almost avant-garde sound of PSYOPUS to the straight up technical death metal sounds of GNOSTIC and ATHEIST. Then you throw in the more modern break-neck technicality, unrivaled musicianship and speed of THE FACELESS, and the brutality of THE AGONIST, and you’ve got yourself one hell of a night. This will also be somewhat experimental in the world of technical death metal, as 3 of us (me on drums, Chris Baker on Guitars, and Jonathan Thompson on bass (in GNOSTIC) and guitars (in ATHEIST)) are in two bands and playing TWO shows per night. I can’t recall a similar situation in technical death metal. It will be a marathon-esque physical and mental exercise. This tour will also be GNOSTIC’s debut to the world as we’re supporting our first release via Season of Mist: ‘Engineering the Rule’ in July.”

Season of Mist releases GNOSTIC “Engineering the Rule” on July 14th in the US with plans to release parent band ATHEIST’s yet-untitled 4th album at the end of the season.

Here are the tour dates:
July 8th – Atlanta GA, Masquerade
July 9th – Raleigh NC, Volume 11
July 10th – Springfield VA, Jaxx
July 11th – Allentown PA, The Sterling Hotel
July 12th – New York NY, B.B. King Blues Club
July 13th – Cleveland OH, Peabody’s
July 14th – Mokena IL, The Pearl Room
July 15th – Nashville TN, The Muse

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