Bacardi Classic Cocktails: Raspberry Mojito

While I always talked down ready-made cocktails, my experience with a number of them in the last year has opened my eyes, showing me that there can be a few cocktails that make for a solid night o drinking. They ensure that individuals are brought in slowly to inebriations, rather than filling a glass of vodka with a splash of Sprite and calling it a drink. The ready made cocktails are a step up over the carbonated / alcoholic types of soft drinks, because they provide a little more in the way of alcohol and do not bust imbiber’s stomachs over the course of two or three drinks.

The latest of these cocktails is the Rasperry Mojito just released to the world by Bacardi. For those individuals that are unsure what a Mojito entails, it is a blend of rum, sugar, lime juice, mint, and water. The Raspberry Mojito adds the titular fruit into the mix, along with a set of colors that turns the cocktail into something that could easily be mistaken for X Rated Liqueur. The first experience that many individuals will have with the Raspberry Mojito will showcase the light touch of fruit nose that is present, something that is much more understated than one would think given the cocktails’ bright color.

At the first sip, what imbibers will experience is a mild rum flavor that is touched by a realistic interpretation of raspberries. Where a number of the cocktails tend to play up the fruit component, Bacardi has done the original drink tremendous service by keeping the individual components, be they the rum, lime, or the raspberries – present in noticeable quantities. The raspberry flavor is one that may even make converts of those that are not big fans of real Raspberries; there is an ease to this cocktail that will please practically anyone that gets a chance to taste it. Bacardi has made a drink that is perfect for the spring and summer, and will be present at any get together that is current and hip.

Rating: 8.4/10

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