‘Blow’ is the brand new album from Dirt Crew on Mood Music

Dirt Crew aka Peter Gijselaers and Felix Eder have been Moodmusic favorites since their early days in 2004 when “Rock The House” emerged on the MBF label out of Cologne. Their electro influenced house productions soon found their way to Moodmusic creating numerous hits like “808 Lazerbeam” and “Domino”, and the all-time classic remix of “Soul Sounds” from label head Sasse.

Dwelling a few years in more dubbed out minimal sounds, Dirt Crew are back on the block with more of their original raw as fuck love of house music as we all like it. “Blow” is showing the true roots of these pioneers of European electronic house music, with influences ranging from early Chicago warehouse traxx, sophisticated mid-90s NYC inspired house productions and pioneers of UK dub house from the likes of Warp and DIY.

“Deep Cover” is the perfect start, slowly evolving with a dubbed house feel and perfectly arranged vocal samples getting the biz done. Followed by “Rough Roads”, the theme stays the same, deep bass confiscating the groove, holding no hostages with a building arpeggiated synth line making the track as comfortable at home as well as in a hazy club at 5 am. The title track “Blow” brings more dirt to the game, throwing old school samples and deep keys into the mix with stunning results. Keeping the pace mid-tempo the groove just keeps going on, building a perfect soundtrack for those special nights.

“Clap” is another sure shot DC production, layering synths and snippets of vocals into a frenzy of house bliss, ending in a FM synthhorn crescendo which could be from a Jovonn production from 1992.
One of the highlights of the album is surely “Redux” – an old school stomper with a 2009 production to keep it fresh. Lending a touch from early Deep Dish this has the massively hypnotizing “hands in the air” factor in true Dirt Crew style. Already tested at the last Moodmusic Night at Panorama Bar, this was the highlight of the Sunday afternoon !

“Slope” is a darker affair with that well paced Berlin peak-hour frenzy without ever getting too dark or progressive, it’s a floor filler from the finest caliber. “Parade” is the ode to those memories of deep house as we know it here at Moodmusic HQs, deep, pulsating bass and groove mixed with some tasteful keys and vocals fulfilling every deep house producers wet dream, I surely can see the guys wet themselves while doing this..

Going darker towards is the name of the game, taking “Scenario” into pitched down vocals and echoed percussion madness, keeping the groove in high alert till the keys drops and the dance floor just explodes, another DC classic for sure. The guys show some amazing rawness in “The Real Shit” – a bouncy, almost techno production with distorted beats, true DC bleepiness and dubbed out vocals which has proven to be a demented dance floor bomb since we got our hands on this little secret weapon.

Ending the album we have maybe the finest piece of modern Dirt Crew sound, “Star” starts with mesmerizing keys and a murder bassline, evolving over minutes of modern house music at it’s best to a crazy horn break down before settling the score for good, there´s no stopping now for the Dirt Crew! \

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