Boyskout – Another Life (CD)

The slightly crunchy sound of the guitars that start out “Fantastic” provide a counterpoint to the sly vocals that introduce themselves to listeners. The result is something the blends together rock, psychedelic, punk, and a little bit of goth music. The band is able to create a composition that reflects a high amount of repetition that installs itself into listeners’ heads. The breakdown during the track provides listeners with a different approach by Boyskout, and also reifocuses the band’s energy into a slightly-different sound.

What results is a radio-friendly track that still has a high amount of edginess to it. The second track on the disc is “Spotlight”, and there are more hints present of a mid-nineties vocal sound, even as the swirling arrangements point to different influences. The band is still in the rock genre, they still provide a hooky, pop-laden sound that will catch all listeners, but the band takes care to go in a slightly different path than was present during “Fantastic”. The band is able to simultaneously tackle cohesion and differentiation during their tracks on “Another Life”, and this is something that will catapult them into the minds and hearts of anyone that has the ability to listen in. The final track on the disc is “You’re Not Around”, and this track is important to getting a full idea of who Boyskout is by throwing in a bass line that resembles something that The Breeders would have cut about 15 years ago.

At all points, Boyskout creates music that is applicable to the current period, and does not seem to fall into a rut at any point during this three song EP. While the band would need to extend this runtime by about three to ensure that the act could succeed in the realm of the full-length, the band does not struggle at any point during this EP. There is a distinct sound to each of the tracks that will ensure that individuals will identify the music as purely Boyskout’s own. Boyskout will be able to crawl up the charts until that point where they are being played alongside the Dresden Dolls and L7; this brand of altnative rock cum punk, hard rock, and goth music is something that individuals will easily pick up on any appreciate. Find a full length, find Boyskout’s newest music, and give them a listen; chances are good that there will be something to appreciate here.

Top Track: Fantastic

Rating: 6.3/10


Boyskout – Another Life / 2006 Self / 3 Tracks / / Reviewed 20 May 2007

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