Brant Christopher – “Cursed” (CD)

Hey, its a guy with an acoustic and a smooth voice. Haven’t we heard this already through about a thousand iterations, through Matthew West and Dave Matthews and John Maher? Well, we have, but that isn’t really the issue with “Cursed”. Brant’s voice is smooth with that slight amount of grit to it, somewhat like the aforementioned John Maher, but with subtle hints of Don Henley. Minor amounts of drums also litter the track, but seem more flat and impersonal than Brant’s guitar line. The song itself is fairly innocuous, going down the same path as a number of songs, and the psuedo-religious subject matter of “Cursed” seems more along the line of Matthew West, and for me, the track really is strongly similar to “Declaration” by Stephen Curtis Chapman. Differing from most popular music nowadays, Brant’s style is to play an upbeat style acoustic-rock, and while it is not the most deep or original of tracks, it is still downright inspirational and playable time and time again without getting the slightest bit tired by the track. I know I will be wanting to hear the full-length album of Brant’s, “Around the Bend”, when it comes out soon.

Rating: 6.0/10

Brant Christopher – “Cursed” / 1 Track / 2004 Self-Released / / 603-232-6165 / Reviewed 21 March 2004

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